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How to Grow a Unicorn 

Rachel Morrisroe Children's Author | Unicorn Book | How to Grow a Unicorn

A rollicking, rhyming read-aloud treat from wordsmith extraordinaire, debut author Rachel Morrisroe, and the ridiculously talented, bestselling Steven Lenton

Welcome to Mr Pottifer’s Parlour of Plants: a magical shop with the most surprising plants you’ll ever see!

Sarah thinks she’s discovered the perfect gift for her garden-loving grandma, but before you can say GARDEN FULL OF UNICORNS, things grow wildly out-of-hand!

Live your own hilarious unicorn fantasy in this rip-roaring, rhyming delight from a terrifically talented new picture book author, with illustrations from the brilliant, bestselling illustrator Steven Lenton – illustrator of Shifty McGifty and The Hundred and One Dalmations picture book.

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"Our new favourite bedtime book"

Daniel – Amazon Review

"Wonderful book, lovely story with great illustrations!"

Claire – Amazon Review

"Great fun and beautifully illustrated!"

Ellie – Amazon Review 

Rachel Morrisroe | Children's Author | How to Grow a Unicorn Illustrations
Rachel Morrisroe | Children's Author | How to Grow a Unicorn Illustrations

How to Grow a Unicorn Reviews

Book Trust

How to Grow a Unicorn is a fun and magical picture book. The story flows in wonderful rhyme from page to page and is filled with childish humour that will have young readers giggling from start to finish.

Steven Lenton’s beautiful artwork really brings this funny story to life; the magical creatures leap from the pages and Sarah is adorable with her yellow raincoat and polka dot welly boots.

This enchanting book ends with handy instructions from Sarah on how to help children “grow” their reading skills, including using the front cover to dig for clues and feed the story with lots of imagination.

Picture Book Snob

I first caught a glimpse of this book’s cover on Instagram back in January and have been eagerly awaiting its release ever since. I was so excited to finally read it for the first time and it has more than lived up to expectations.

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Rachel Morrisroe | Children's Author | Savez-vous Planter Les Licornes

Savez-vous planter les Licornes

How to Grow a Unicorn is also available in French, through Gautier-Languereau publishing.

You can order a copy here.


Sådan dyrker man sin egen enhjørning

Now also available in Danish.

Rachel Morrisroe | Children's Author | Sådan dyrker man sin egen enhjørning

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